Northwest FPV would like to share our logos and images for use in videos and other such media relations. Feel free to download the linked file, but please read and abide by the rules below (subject to change).

Download it HERE

These logos and images are intellectual property of NWFPV. Usage of said logos and images must be limited to usage in videos or images from an official NWFPV event, or where permitted by NWFPV management. Usage of this image that poorly represents Northwest FPV, it's members, or it's events is strictly prohibited. Editing of these logos is allowed only to the extent that the logo elements themselves (the tree, the swooshes, the text/letters) remain unchanged. These conditions are subject to be changed at any moment for any reason by Northwest FPV and it's management and staff.

For questions or to ask permission to use our likeness outside of the allowances stated above, please email

Northwest FPV